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welcome to Minutecells Software Institute.
We help you to begin those ideas
There is nothing more important than learning and developing those concepts that bring your ideas to reality in a place where motivation and impact is a vision.
Port- Harcourt Rivers State, Ada George Junction.
We are in the City of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria to make a difference.


Our courses are practical oriented, we ensure that the right tools are available for you to get the required knowledge in due time, necessary for you to get on track

and start developing rapidly towards your career.Check out what is available below and enroll asap.

This course will take you through an entire software development life cycle. In the course we would be developing applications using Java,c++, c#, python e.t.c. This is a course to enroll if you want to be a programmer.


In this course we take you through php developments,mysql database,javascript,html,css and frameworks so that you are all round grounded.Our training saves you time and makes ur personal studies easier.You must be passionate about this to apply.


In this course you would learn how to setup a simple wordpress website along with how to build a social media fanpage where you can influence your audience to take an action.This is relevant if you plan to be a social media influencer or social media administrator for firm


Learn how to leverage on the knowledge from this course to be a seasoned digital marketer for companies and organisation promoting brand and product awareness both on a local and international scale.


Being a creative blogger is one step to hitting it right and big in the blogging industry. Get the necessary skills here.


Do you or your kid have a hard time understanding Mathematics? Then this is the course for you, we take you through the foundation to advanced level as your interest might be, breaking it down so you can get it all understood.


You can now learn from any

Meet our student friendly tutors who are highly motivated to teach you irrespective of your location.So with Whatsapp and social media calls and videos along with a Teamviewer app we are sure that you can have a two way communication while you learn so nothing stops you asking your questions.

    why choose minutecells

    Whatever your passion is..whether it is being a smart-thinking programmer, a freelance web administrator,a seasoned photographer and graphic designer, want to learn how to market products on social media platforms, or you just want to be good in mathematics or general sciences ..we got your back.We are dedicated to teaching you with LOVE.Distance is never a barrier as you can learn through our social channels at an affordable rate.We make your learning faster so you dont have to strain much on your eyes reading E-books.


    A two day graphics designs and wordpress marked every friday and saturday by 9am each week of september.

    call now to book your seat.Attend with your laptop.

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    Paper Sets


    Our Instructors are inspired to give you the best expository method in lesson delivery coupled with the patience to listen

    and answer your questions no matter how "dumb" it might be.

    Citizen Metu

    Graphics / Video Expert

    Bede Ogbonna

    Wordpress / Bulk sms Expert

    Prince Obiallor

    Lead Teacher / Code writer


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