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Remote work

What is your position regarding finding that loyal remote worker that can assist in your company, or finding that 

leverage so you can concentrate on other things you are better off handling ?

In the internet world do you have the challenge of getting your business across to prospective clients?

Do you find it difficult finding a HONEST and DEDICATED remote worker in the web development and digital 

marketing space that can give you unlimited revisions and support ?

Do you think you have not been optimal in making revenue as your internet marketing is on the low ?

Is internet marketing what you have considered but have not ventured into yet?

Do you urgently need a Web Developer AND /OR a Digital Marketer?

Do you need someone to manage your existing website as an Admin and give you a break down report of activities on it?

If you can relate with any of the above questions, then:


Starting From $1,500 / Month :

As the founder & program coordinator for you can employ my services to:

  • Manage an existing website as a web administrator be it a product ecommerce website or a service oriented one.
  • Deploy a strategic business development by building a business website from conceptualization to  marketing/advertisement phase.
  • Brainstorm a Business name / Website name where needed.
  • Promote your business through PAID advertisements on social platforms and search engine depending on your budget.
  • Develop contents for your business website or social idea website.
  • CREATE social pages for you and add contents as the need might be.
  • Design  graphics /video contents for your campaigns.
  • Build and develop mobile apps (ios and android) for your business/idea.
  • Write sales copy for your business.
  • Communicate to you in plain English any technical jargon where necessary.
  • Open to unlimited revisions on completed jobs within the paid month.

Prince Obiallor

Payment Engagement

Payment for services can be remitted through any of the following channels:

  • Bank  deposit to a strategic business partner in the state of Savannah Georgia, USA.

Communication Essentials and Accessibility.

Communication will be orchestrated mostly through the American standard English language.

The use of Google Translator can be employed if your primary language on the web is other than the American English.

Communication access will be possible through any of the following channels:

  • Email to
  • Email to
  • Whatsapp communication @ (+234)814 057 9608
  • Direct Phone call on (+234) 703 234 5996, (+234) 903 020 1642
  • Facebook :

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